Events & catering

'"Events need an audience, but it's about more than just visitor numbers. A guest who really feels welcome stays longer and spends more. First class furnishings act as the host's hearty handshake."


FoldTable raise your event to a higher level.
As professional organiser you leave as little as possible to chance. FoldTable gives you a lot of certainty: your catering department looks attractive, a primary requirement for the turnover of refreshments which is so important. With FoldTables you radiate professionalism.

FoldTables remain where you put them
- Less clutter
- Gives the event a cared-for look
- Safer for indoor events
- Seats are always complete
- No losses due to loss or theft

Bierfest in de "Radstake". In the past separate beer tables and benches were used here and they all had to be fixed to the floor by order of the fire brigade. FoldTables saved an enormous amount of work and, as you can see, the barman always has free access.


Is stable everywhere, even on wet grass
The FoldTable support has a wide base and as well as this the complete unit can 'flex' a little. This gives superb stability on boggy ground, loose sand or uneven paving.


Lowlands Festival: the origin
Once there was a time without FoldTables... Guest used the separate beer benches in a very 'creative way': In the best circumstances they moved their bench to a friendly beer table, or to the camp site. In the worst circumstances they were used to build a cosy camp fire... In a lot of cases the benches turned out to be too weak for five hefty lads in a row.
The direct losses for the organisation were considerable each year, but the indirect losses were a lot worse: a shortage of seating led to an immediate drop in the sales of food and drink. Seeing that at the time there was no furniture on the market for events that satisfied all the "Lowlands' requirements", development of the FoldTable was started.

14 years of experience
Meanwhile the FoldTable has been in production for 14 years. The construction has been improved a number of times on the basis of the experience gained and it is now the most used table at leading events.


Camping sites
FoldTables are ideal for use as tables for messing around on in the recreation facilities: The space remains uncluttered and there is no din from sliding chairs. Materials that are used such as glue, clay, pastel crayons or felt-tipped pens are easy to remove from the hard, smooth table top. Is there a disco evening in the same room? Then the FoldTables can be collapsed and stacked in a corner or removed in no time at all.

Swimming pools & sport halls
The plastic legs are safe to use on your expensive flooring and are also safe for your guests’ bare feet. FoldTables are often used for birthday parties held in sports complexes. Using a buggy you can get four tables out of the storeroom at the same time. That’s 40 seats for children!


Using FoldTables you get the maximum number of seats per m² and you don’t lose time "arranging" separate tables and chairs any more. With FoldTables your customers sit in an active position which encourages drinking and eating. As well as this, FoldTables can be used for peak moments and events within your business. In no time at all you have extra seating available.

It is possible to make a hole for a parasol in the table top. These are not provided as standard.