Setting up and taking down
Setting up and taking down the tables is literally a matter of a few seconds work for one person. No loose components are required. The table top’s own weight ensures that the moveable system is locked. This means that the table is always safe.

New: The vertical container

- For 10 FoldTables
- Loaded dimensions: lxwxh: 140 x 117 x 220 cm
- Optimum protection for the tables
- Ergonomic operation

Each FoldTable is fixed separately.



- Safety eyes for a fork-lift truck on three sides
- One side 'free’ for a pump wagon
- Containers are very manoeuvrable



FoldTable buggy

- Maximum 4 FoldTables
- Loaded dimensions:: lxwxh: 205 x 75 x 155 cm
- Easy to move over ramps and thresholds
- Stability thanks to the rubber supporting surface
- Safety brackets to prevent toppling (not on the photo)

Option: larger pneumatic tyres.